Zong Monthly 200GB Data Bundle | Internet, Call & SMS Package

Zong Monthly Internet Package

Zong Monthly Internet Package consists of 200GB Data which involves 20000 SMS, 20000 Zong Minutes, and 2000 Other Network minutes. Therefore, the price of this package is RS 2500 (Recharge Required Rs 2500) This Package is applicable for 30 days.

Different Ways to Activate Zong Monthly 200GB Data Bundle

This package can be easily activated in a different way

Through Jazz Cash

This Package can be subscribed to by the Jazz Cash app easily find your required bundle and activate it with 70% off. Firstly, you will go to your Jazz Cash app open it go to the package and mobile load option, and then go to the mobile packages option. After that, you should select Zong packages. After doing this search my 5 in the search bar then the below subscribe option Enter your 11-digit zong number press the confirm option enter your jazz cash pin code and then re-enter the confirm option your required package has been subscribed.

Zong Monthly Internet Package

Through Easy Paisa

This package can be easily found and subscribed to by the Easy Paisa app with concession. First of all open your easy paisa app, select the mobile packages option then go to all packages and select Zong packages. After doing this search my 5 packages in the search bar and then press the buy option. enter your 11-digit zong number and press the pay now option. Enter your easy paisa app pin code your package has subscribed with a confirmation message.

Zong Monthly Internet Package

Through My Zong App

To activate this package you should have sufficient balance in your My Zong app. Moreover, through the My Zong app, this bundle can easily be found and activated. Open your My Zong app first and select the bundle option. After doing this search for my 5 packages in the search bar. Moreover, Select my 5 and press subscribe now. your package has been subscribed successfully.

Zong Monthly Internet my 5 Package

Through Code activating

Finally, This Package if you want to subscribe to this package with code dial *7334# code. You should have a recharge of RS 2500. In this way, your package has been subscribed successfully with a confirmation message.

Zong Monthly Internet my 5 Package

Advantages of Zong Monthly My 5 Package

Zong internet packages are very cheap another advantage of this Package is that five people can use this Package, Package holder can invite four more people to use this package. If the Package holder is off his sim then the other participants will be able to use this bundle. Therefore, the Admin can remove the participants in Zong Monthly Packages, Zong Weekly Internet packages, and Zong Daily Packages. Zong Package is widely used. Too much use of Zong Packages is due to its fast speed and excellent service.

Terms and Conditions

Advance income for 15% applied. A general sale tax of 19.5%will be applied.

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How to Subscribe to Zong monthly 200GB Package?

You can easily subscribe to this data bundle through the My Zong App, Easy Paise, and Jazz Cash App but you do not subscribe to other business bank accounts.

What is the wage time of this Package?

Zong monthly Package can be used for up to 24 hours without any time limits.

Can Its speed be slow by Sharing?

No, its speed will remain Same Sharing does not affect its speed.

Can minutes and SMS use all Participants?

Yes, all the Participants can use SMS for this data and minutes.

Can the expired data be used with a new package?

No, the expired date MB and minutes cannot be used with the new package after expiration. Expired data will be only used if you subscribe to the same bundle on its valid date.


Zong network is used widely in Pakistan. The Internet has become an important part of life. Finally, Zong is a good source to provide internet to us. Therefore, Zong packages are of great importance in Pakistan. This is because Zong packages are very cheap. Moreover, the Zong network has fast speed and good service.

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