How Important CNIC Information Is? Find Out Now!


CNIC is considered as the basic source of person’s identification all over the world. It is important in so many ways that you can’t even imagine. From university admissions to visa applications, CNIC is involved in almost every matter of life.

If we talk about Pakistan, then CNIC is the detailed database which is managed by NADRA. For Pakistani citizens, CNIC is the most important thing through which they can get identified. It contains all the necessary info including biometric data, name, address, and date of birth. Recognition of the person is quite difficult without CNIC.

Following article contains all the important info about CNIC that you must have as a citizen. Let’s have a glimpse on the details.

Why is CNIC important?

CNIC allows you to claim your fundamental rights without any hassle. You cannot avail most of the services if you don’t have CNIC. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • School, college and university enrollment.
  • Social allowance for many tasks
  • In opening of a bank account
  • Healthcare
  • Fundamental right to vote
  • In moving out from a country
  • To register a mobile number

When it comes to the tasks that can be accomplished with the help of CNIC, then we can’t even count. You can’t even do the single task without having it.


Steps to get a CNIC in Pakistan:

By following the steps written below, you can get your CNIC.

  • When you become 18 years old, visit the NADRA office and wait for your turn.
  • First of all, the staff will capture your photograph.
  • Then, you will have to give your signatures and fingerprints.
  • The system will start processing your data.
  • All of your info will be reviewed before the final submission
  • At the end, the staff will hand over the printed form to you.


What documents are required for CNIC application?

Don’t forget to have following documents while CNIC application:

  • CNIC of parents or blood relative
  • Biometric verification of the parent or blood relative
  • Attested CNICF
  • Mark sheet of matric or any other certificate equivalent to that.


How long does it take?

The time period depends upon the kind of application that you do. Normal service takes 31 days. If you go for urgent service, it will take 15 days and you will have your ID card. And executive service takes 2 to 3 days.


Can ID cards be used for negative purposes?

Just like other things, ID cards also have pros and cons. Your ID card can be used for a number of criminal purposes and frauds. You must know them so that you can keep yourself safe from this kind of situation to some extent.

Nowadays, fraudsters use the copy of your ID card and apply for the loan. Later on, you will receive the bills for things you didn’t buy. Similarly, terrorists and criminals can use your ID card and this can get you in big trouble. By having the copy of your CNIC, one can take away your money from the bank. Many other crimes are popular nowadays that are committed by the help of CNIC such as kidnapping of your kids from the school.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to not share the copy of your ID card with anyone. Don’t even trust any organization or institute. Also, you can go for a secure copy in which the unnecessary details will be covered. You can increase the security by doing this.


Can you get someone’s ID card info?

You can get anyone’s CNIC number and info if you have their phone number. If someone is threatening you, then you can get their ID card info through different ways.

  • There are a lot of online websites available by which you can get ID card info. Just add the number and it will give you the results. But don’t fully trust the results because they’re not 100 percent authentic.
  • If you have a valid reason for getting the info, then take the number to NADRA, they may help you.
  • In case of any serious issue, you can go to the police station with a number.


Pros of CNIC:

  • CNIC allows you to avail a number of social services.
  • CNIC grants you the identification
  • You can easily move out of your country.


Cons of CNIC info:

  • Anyone can easily get access to your personal info because security measures are not very high in Pakistan
  • Your CNIC can be used in a lot of criminal ways.


Final Verdict!

If we say CNIC is the basic need of every citizen then nothing would be wrong in it. Get your CNIC when you’re 18 to do whatever you want. Raise your security by not sharing it with anyone.

Nadir Baloch

Nadir Baloch

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