How important it is to get SIM info?

Things You Need To Know About SIM!


Nowadays, it’s mandatory to understand each and everything about SIM info. Because SIM is an important source of communication. SIM can also be used for fraudulent activities along with communication purposes. In Pakistan, such kinds of frauds are increasing day by day.


By having a bit of deep info about the SIM, you can save yourself from trouble in future. The SIM card holds a lot of necessary info. It is a good thing as well as dangerous at the same time. Well, the risk of getting into trouble can be reduced to some extent by knowing the basics and advanced things about SIM cards.


Following article uncovers the details and uses of SIM cards. All you need to do is to stick around with us till the end. Let’s not waste the time anymore and dig into the details.


SIM Card


A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a card that can be removed anytime. It stores the specific data of the user such as IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and a key related to it. This data is used for authentication of users on mobile phones. If we go a bit deeper, then the SIM card contains a bulk of information. It includes IMSI number, ICCID, some temporary info, a list of services that users can avail, security authentication information, and four passwords PIN 1, PIN 2, PUK 1, and PUK 2. Several changes have been made since the SIM cards were introduced. With Modern SIM Cards, you can get access to every application as long as they are in your phone.


What are the drawbacks of SIM Cards?


As mentioned earlier, SIM cards can be used in so many fraudulent ways. Someone can get the SIM registered on your CNIC and can use it for crime purposes. But you can block all the fake numbers after having SIM info.


Is it possible to check SIM Cards registered against your CNIC?


Here comes the most awaited part of an article. The answer to your question is yes. There are several ways available in the present era. By applying them, you can get the necessary info. Let’s have an eye on them.


  • Through Mobile Operator’s Website:


In Pakistan, you can avail this service by visiting mobile operator’s website. It’s quite easy. All you need to do is to open the website according to your mobile network. Almost all the mobile operators such as Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone are providing verification services. Follow the steps written there and check how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC.


  • By sending SMS:


SMS method is the easiest way you can go for. Just text your CNIC number to 668. And you will get the info about SIM Cards. How’s that? Quite convenient.


  • By visiting PTA Website:


You can go to the PTA website. Click on the “SIM info” tab. And get the necessary info by following simple steps mentioned there. The info will start to show up there.


PTA’s initiative to SIM Card info must be appreciated. The digital security has been enhanced greatly.


Why it’s important to check SIM info?


This is important in so many ways.


  • It helps in prevention of fake SIM Card registrations.
  • It is necessary for ensuring the security of your own info.
  • It can reduce the risk of scams to a very high extent.


Can we get a SIM Info of specific number?


Yeah, this is possible too. Now, it’s no longer difficult to details of a number if it’s threatening you. Because easy methods are available for this purpose. Let’s have a glimpse.


  • Use of online tools:


By using online tools, you can get the info of a SIM card number. Well, the info is not accurate all the time. But you can go for it if the problem is not very serious.


  • Call the customer helpline:


SIM owner details are available on their service provider. Call the helpline to get the details. Or you can also visit the outlet.


  • Go to the police station:


If the case is extremely serious, then you can go to the police station. You will get assistance from them.


In the present era, you can get all kind of details because everything is getting advanced day by day. It’s no longer difficult to identify the scammer or a fraudulent party. A big applause to PTA for making the things easier.


Final thoughts!


Digital security is the prior kind of security in the present era. Number of crimes are done through Mobile phones. Staying alert is the best way to keep yourself safe from unwanted situations.

Nadir Baloch

Nadir Baloch

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