Discover the Ultimate Connectivity with Zong My3 Package

Zong My3 Package

Zong My3 Package up with network has come a plan to share the facilities you has be give with two other people. share it with your friends or family members. For this offer, Myz Zong has been introduce. Due to this offer, the amount of data. You can be use by two members with you they are members of your family or your close friends. This package is good and more affordable.

Zong My3 Package features

Therefore, The Zong My 3 Package provides an all-in-one solution you and Your include which close friends and family members, all network minutes, off-network minutes, internet data, and SMS can use.

Data sharing.

Secondly, You get 100GB of data in this. offer the offer includes three people who can use this data. this data was provided to you for one month. Through this internet, You can watch social media, and watch videos on YouTube. This data which is more than Your limit provided to you and your friends and family members.

Zong My3 Package price

Thirdly, The Zong My3 offer is price (including taxes) at Rs 2000. Can be divid into three members Rs. 667 per head for the entire month.

Freedom of call

Fourthly, You can make free calls on the my3 zong call packages Because it includes 1900 off-network minutes and 10,000 zong network minutes. this offer this offer use includes three members.

Loads of SMS

Fifthly, The package can’t be complete for the SMS and this offer is no different. it includes up to 10,000 SMS. which is for each network you can send any important SMS via SMS.

30 Days validity

Finally, More  Zong Internet Package offer validity is 30 days. Due to this offer daily and weekly packages has eliminated.

Easypaisa app

In addition, My 3 packages can activate the Easypaisa app. After logging in to the Easypaisa go to mobile Package.

Zong app

After logging into the Zong app you will find the Myz option below, after which there will be an option to add members,

Zong My3 Package details

Price Total Data Zong call minutes off-net minutes SMS Validity Code
Rs 2,000 100 GB 10,000 1,000 10,000 30 Days *7332#


My3 package can the members that are added be added again after deleting it once?

The members that are added are not added again after deleting it once.

Can You limit internet usage in it?

You can’t limit internet usage. in it.

How to add members to my3 Package?

Members in the mуз рackage can be added to my song. app and cannot be added members from any app.

How many members can be added to my3 package?

My3 package in 3 members can add as much as possible.

Can MBB, Internet SIM, or Postpaid users avail of this offer?

No, these users will not be eligible for this offer


Finally, Zong package provides good internet service in Pakistan. Zong network’s fast speed and cheap package have gained Importance in Pakistan due to the Zong network being widely use in Pakistan. Lastly, The Internet is an important part of life.

Nadir Baloch

Nadir Baloch

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