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What is a tractors? A tractor is an engineering vehicle that delivers a high tractive effort (torque) at a slow speed for hauling. It serves purposes in agriculture and construction. Therefore, it combines parts that make our work easier. It serves mankind in such a way that it converts the work of days into hours.

Types of Tractors used in Pakistan

Therefore, As we know Pakistan is an agricultural country. In Pakistan, various tractors like New Holland Al Ghazi, Belarus, Bull Power, Massey Fergusson, Euro Ford, John Deere, and Ursus tractor conduct their services in agriculture. But here we will discuss only the top five tractors used in Pakistan. let us discuss them one by one.

Belarus 510 Tractors

Firstly, They were first time manufactured in Belarus in 1949 by Minsk Tractors Limited. They have great importance in the field of agriculture. Russians make them. Numbers were imported into Pakistan. Although its parts are imported from foreign countries, the product is manufactured in Pakistan.

Moreover, They are very long-lasting, have strong body features, and have great strength. Therefore, they are costly in Pakistan as they are applicable for all purposes of modern farming. They are export to more than over 100 countries. Finally, The price of Belarus tractor list in 2024.

Belarus Tractor

Model HP Price
Belarus 510 ( 57 h.p) 5,600,000
Belarus 520 (62 h.p) 4,940,000
Belarus 511 (57 H.P) 5,600,000
Belarus 800 (80 H.P) 2,250,000

Millat Tractors Limited

Secondly, The Millat Company is ancient in Pakistan. It started work in 1964, in Pakistan. Tractors were imported in the beginning, then the company started to manufacture them itself after importing partially made tractors.  It was privatized in 1992 and known by the name of Millat Tractors Limited.

Moreover, They are at the top in number in Pakistan in Asia at seventh and considered in top brands all over the world. Perkins engines are use in Millat tractors. Therefore, the Millat tractors are found in Pakistan in the form of MF 235, MF 240, MF 265 Special Edition, and MF375. Millat Company consists of five groups. Finally, The price of the Millat tractor list in 2024.

Millat Tractor

Model HP Price
MF-240 2WD 50HP Rs. 2,190,000
MF-350 Plus 50HP N/A
MF-260 2WD (Turbo) 60HP Rs. 2,600,000
MF-360 2WD 60HP Rs. 2,690,000
MF-360 4WD 60HP Rs. 3,795,000
MF-375 2WD 75HP Rs. 3,345,000
MF-375 4WD 75HP Rs. 4,500,000
MF-385 2WD 85HP Rs. 3,465,000
MF-385 4WD 85HP Rs. 4,585,000

New Holland Al Ghazi Tractors

Thirdly, These are widely use in Pakistan. FIAT tractors are local known by that name. Therefore, the first time they manufactured was in 1983. Ghazi tractors are very common in Pakistan. They have manufactured more than 30,000 over the year. A special edition model of Ghazi NUM0 power plus, with a capacity of NUM1 HP, was actively launch. This model achieved a great audience. Finally, The price of the Ghazi tractor list in 2024.

Ghazi Tractor

Model HP Price
NH-480s 55HP Rs. 2,194,000
NH-480 Power Plus 55HP Rs. 2,278,000
NH-Ghazi 65HP Rs. 2,550,000
NH-640 75HP Rs. 3,325,000
NH Dabung 85HP Rs. 3,430,000

IMT/Bull Power

Fourthly, IMT is a Nick of Industry of Machinery and Tractors. When they were imported in Pakistan they manufactured in Orion Automotive Industries Private Limited. After modify its body shape, it was name Bull Power. In 2013 they were import into Pakistan. Pakistan imports its parts from other countries and manufactures them by itself. As compared with other tractors they are minimal in number. They are found in the form of IMT565 (60HP), IMT585 (85HP), and Bull Power 549(50HP) in Pakistan. Finally, The price of the IMT/ Bull Power tractor list in 2024.

IMT/ Bull Power Tractor

Model HP Price
Bull Power-549 50 HP Rs. 2,105,000
Bull Power-565 60HP Rs. 2,435,000
Bull Power-577 76HP Rs. 3,080,000
Bull Power-577 D (Tyre Size: 18) 76HP Rs. N/A
IMT-577 Special Edition 76HP Rs. N/A
Bull Power 585 85HP Rs. 3,130,000
Bull Power 585 4WD 85HP Rs. 4,295,000

Euro Ford

Lastly, Euro Ford was first time manufactured in 2006 by International Tractor Limited. Therefore, the Auto Industries of Pakistan manufacture NUM0 in Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan imports its spare parts from Turkey and manufactures them in Pakistan. They are famous for their high speed. They are also very useful for farming. The price of the Euro Ford tractor list in 2024.

Euro Ford Tractor

Model HP Price
Euro-F 3850 50HP Rs. 1,090,000
Euro-F 4560 60HP Rs. 1,190,000
Euro-F 5880 80HP Rs. 1,560,000


What is a new model of Millat tractors?

Millat Company launched a new model MF235 IN 2024 but previous models are continuing.

Which tractor is best for speed?

Euro Ford 4560(60HP) is famous for its speed, so it is the very best for speed purposes.

Which tractors have low prices in Pakistan?

New Holland Al Ghazi tractors are in low price as compared with others then they are very useful in farming.

Which purpose does the Belarus 510 use?

Therefore, the Belarus 510 is useful for all kinds of agricultural purposes.


Therefore, Tractors play a very important role in agriculture as we live in an agricultural country. Finally, new technology has introduced new ways of farming with the help of tractors. Through this technology, a revolution has come in the field of agriculture. agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of the country. So as we are more advanced in technology we will be stable most.

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