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CNIC Information System

CNIC Information System: Have you ever encountered the frustrating predicament of misplacing your SIM card and urgently needing to recover your phone number? If so, you are certainly not alone, use our services for the sim database online. Our SIM database online provides a convenient solution for swiftly accessing SIM owner details.

Fortunately, you can retrieve your SIM number details using our CNIC Information System, tapping into the information stored on your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). Continue reading to discover how to easily navigate fetching sim owner details. Before embarking on the journey to retrieve your SIM details linked to your CNIC, it is essential to comprehend and fulfill specific prerequisites when utilizing the SIM database online.

Valid CNIC Number

This method is operational only if you possess a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number. Ensure your CNIC is up-to-date and valid to obtain number details.

Access to a Computer or Laptop

Ensure you have access to a computer or laptop with an internet connection to avail of the sim database online service. This service is accessible via web browsers, so ensure your device supports internet browsing.

13-Digit CNIC Code to CNIC Information System

Keep your 13-digit CNIC code handy, whether it’s in digital or physical form. This code is crucial for accessing the sim database online service and retrieving your SIM owner details. Having it readily available will facilitate seamless processing.

Get Access to the Number of registered Sims on CNIC

Now, let’s proceed to uncover your SIM number details using one of two methods available to access SIM information regarding checking registered SIMs on CNIC using the CNIC information system. Since SIMs is registered through the PTA, you can obtain SIM owner details through these methods.

Visit the NADRA Website for the CNIC Information System

Begin by navigating to the official website of the Pakistan National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

  • Locate and click on the CNIC Verification option positioned at the top of the page. This action will redirect you to another page where you can input either your CNIC or passport number.
  • After entering all the required information, proceed by clicking Verify Now.
  • Verification: Click Verify Now once again and patiently await the results page to load. On this page, you will find comprehensive SIM details linked to your CNIC, including your name, address, and any other information provided during the registration process.

Look specifically for a section titled SIM Information System. Within this section, there should be an entry for SIM owner details. This entry will be accompanied by a series of numbers that may appear longer than standard phone numbers due to containing additional SIM information.

Sim Information System | Ultimate way to get sim details

Live Tracker to get location Details

To optimize the benefits of an online live tracker SIM database and obtain real-time location for finding SIM details, follow these steps:

Choose a Reliable Tool to change the CNIC Information System

Begin by selecting a reputable search engine or online service offering SIM database online. Opt for tools that leverage advanced technology and the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide accurate real-time location data. Ensure the tool has a proven track record for reliability and precision.

Enter the Mobile Number

Input the mobile number you intend to track into the provided field to retrieve SIM owner details. It is crucial to have appropriate permissions to track the number, respecting privacy boundaries and legal considerations at all times.

Access Real-Time Data

After entering the number, the tool will access the SIM card database, furnishing you with precise and up-to-date location information. Utilize this real-time data effectively to track the device’s current whereabouts.

Consider Privacy and Legal Compliance

Uphold privacy standards and adhere to all pertinent laws and regulations when employing SIM card tracking tools. Always obtain consent before tracking someone’s mobile number, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and respecting individual rights.


Understanding how to retrieve your SIM owner details from your CNIC can prove invaluable in various situations, including instances of lost or stolen cards, transitioning between service providers, or setting up new devices using the CNIC information system. Therefore, the simple steps outlined above streamline the process of obtaining this vital information through the sim database online. Always keep in mind that having a valid and up-to-date CNIC is indispensable before initiating any troubleshooting endeavors.

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